Is Mukunda a new telugu movie? Do you have any links or anything? Thanks!

here is the trailer it was released today for pawan kalyan’s bday!

It’s a new telugu movie of Varun Tej (Related to Mega family)

I actually have some respect for Samantha because she makes time to go to audio launches. Apparently, that’s how you get noticed anyway. But Tamannah should have showed up to Aagadu audio launch because she took a long break from tfi and it makes it seem like she gives 0 fcuks about this movie or being in a telugu movie. 

I’m pretty sure they just used her for songs showing her midriff. I’m just gonna support this movie for Mahesh babu and not even the story, it seems so like dookudu II or some kind of Gabbarsingh hating movie. ugh



I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

aloo ka paratha
chana chaat
aloo gobi sabji